Meaningful Life Accelerator

What is a Meaningful Life Accelerator?

If you want to change the world, or just want a job that makes a difference in your community, the Meaningful Life Accelerator is here to help. With so many options, the Accelerator is designed to help people rapidly iterate and test different life paths to find meaningful work that works for you. We use elements of design thinking to help to start with broad categories to brainstorm opportunities for meaningful work that makes the world better.

Accelerator programs take the form of workshops led by trained facilitators within the workforce development ecosystem, paired with self-exploration and hands-on activities that can be completed on your own, or with small groups. The process for finding meaningful work is new to most people, so we’ll start the sessions off with a Meaningful Work 101 primer to set the stage.

Apply for Pilot Program

Participate in the Pilot Program

At this stage, we are looking to refine the Accelerator model and improve facilitator training materials to scale the service. We are looking for individuals who are motivated to find meaningful work to further test the Accelerator model, and workforce development support organizations who would like to be trained as a Meaningful Life Accelerator Facilitator. We are looking for:

  • (20) Individual Job Seekers to be workshop participants
  • (6) Individuals within the workforce development ecosystem to be trained as facilitators

Apply for Pilot Program


Individual Job Seekers

You will be asked to attend a four-hour Meaningful Life Accelerator Workshop, then test out and provide feedback on the Meaningful Impact Hub resources and program experience.

  • Current College Students
  • Recent College Graduates
  • Adult Career Changers
  • Entrepreneurs of all ages

You must have a strong desire to make a difference in the community, or change the world in some way. While you don’t have to know exactly how you will achieve this goal, you just have to be willing to do the work to understand yourself and the world well enough to find where you fit. Please also be willing to assess and provide feedback on the Accelerator model, and related resources.


You will be asked to attend a four-hour Facilitator Training Workshop to learn the process and get acquainted with the Meaningful Impact Hub tools and resources. Then implement this training by helping to facilitate a Meaningful Life Accelerator Workshop with job seekers.

  • Workforce Development Groups
  • Economic Development Groups
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Career Coaches
  • Government Agencies
  • Any organization that connects job seekers with employers

You must be willing to provide feedback on the Accelerator model, and related training materials, and implement the Meaningful Life Accelerator Model, or resources within your own organization. Feel free to adapt it to suit your needs, but please provide feedback as to what works!


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