Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

When infrastructure is done well, most people don’t actively think about the roads they drive on, the dams that keep the town from flooding, being able to turn on a sink and get clean water, or go to a park and have fun with the family. Industries like manufacturing and agriculture produce the goods and services we need to survive, and maintain the quality of life we have all grown accustomed to. Innovation is required to support equal access to necessary services to a growing population in many areas, sustain safe and streamlined work environments, and solve problems more effectively. Explore pathways to help the world run more smoothly.

Infrastructure in Nebraska

Choose a  category, then explore problem problems related to that area of infrastructure. Find or help create new opportunities to take action through your career, volunteer opportunities, one-time projects, community engagement, and more.



Broadband/ Internet



Public Parks


Transit/ Transportation


Nebraska's Top Industries

While just about every industry exists in Nebraska, these are the top industries that contributed 2 billion USD or more to Nebraska’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) according to Statista’s report of Real value added to the GDP of Nebraska 2020. You will find that nearly every industry overlaps with some area of infrastructure, and everything overlaps with other major problems facing the world.

Finance & Insurance

Real Estate, Rental & Leasing



Professional & Business Services


Forestry, Fishing & Hunting

Education/ Education Services


Social Services

Wholesale Trade

Transportation & Warehousing

Retail Trade




Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

Hospitality & Food Services