Library of Problems & Innovations

Meaningful work has a direct impact on solving big, messy problems. Seek to understand a problem that matters to you, explore existing pathways to help, and find what works for you.

Pathway Exploration & Future of Work Activities

Use our Career Kits to experiment with careers, try self-exploration activities to grow yourself, and use our Tech Kits to explore the Future of Work. Try out a pathway before you commit!

Meaningful Work Database

Search for organizations based on contribution to some of the biggest problems in the world, then find people who can help you join existing efforts, or create new solutions.

Problems turn into jobs. We have curated a massive collection of problems from all across Nebraska. Start with one big category, learn how to tug at the root causes, then narrow focus to a tangible pathway to do some good in your community, the state, or the world. Depends on your goals really.

Pro Tip: Think outside the box for careers and opportunities within each problem area. For example, while Climate Action needs scientists of all kinds, marketers, storytellers, supply and logistics specialists, journalists, product designers, and more all have a vital role to play.

If an area interests you, try it out. You might find the perfect path you never knew existed!

Every problem in the Meaningful Impact Hub can be tackled through any of these pathways. Change your career to meaningful, in-demand work, volunteer, build transferable skills, or focus on solving the world in a way that works for you. Feel free to mix & match. Join what exists, or innovate a new solution.

We will connect you with people who can help along the way. The Meaningful Impact Hub ensures that life exploration only takes time, not a lot of money.

Explore meaningful, in-demand careers in Nebraska.

Shifting gears isn’t always easy, but the end result is worth the effort. You will have a better job, a fulfilling hobby, worthwhile volunteer opportunity, or some other way to express yourself and make the world better.

Honestly, you might need to try a few paths before finding the right fit. Experiment, build new skills. You might be surprised at where life takes you.

The Meaningful Impact Hub offers resources to:

  • Experiment with pathways and innovation tools at free or low-cost through partner organizations.
  • Be resilient and pursue new opportunities.
  • Design a Good Life Plan, with backup options.
  • Connect you with people who can help.

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